Mimis Bakehouse Edinburgh, Corstorphine

Mimi’s Bakehouse | Edinburgh | Review

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Mimi’s Bakehouse is a family founded bakery and local Edinburgh business. Expanding from having one location to several throughout Edinburgh, you know that the cakes must be delicious!

Cakes 🍰

Mimi’s Bakehouse always have a brilliant selection of cakes and do some great unique brownies and blondies. I’ve tried both the Oreo and raspberry brownies which were excellent. Between the two, I’d recommend the raspberry. The sweetness of the raspberry against the slightly less sweet chocolate just works so well.

My mum also throughly enjoyed her cake, it was portioned well and the vanilla butter icing was “just so creamy”.

Savoury Dishes & Lunches 🥣

Mimi’s also has a breakfast and lunch menu. While not pictured here, in the past I’ve tried their eggs benedict which was amazing and I’d definitely have it again.

Pictured below is Mimi’s pea soup which was also delicious, arrived hot, and was a nice mix of peas, herbs and cheese. All soups also come with a side of bread which definitely help to fill you up.

Drinks ☕️

MIMI’S DO GREAT CAPPUCCINOS! Yes, I meant to write that in all caps because they are just soo good. I get one every time I come here and they are always hot and frothed perfectly. However, if coffee’s not your thing you can also get a soft drink such as cola or a pot of tea.

Mimi’s Bakehouse Rating

Overall, I can’t fault Mimi’s. It’s just too good and the staff are always upbeat and friendly. If you’re in Edinburgh and would like to try Mimi’s but don’t have time to visit you can also order from them online. Looking for more sweet stops around Scotland’s capital? Check out our review of Karines.

5 Scottish Unicorns out of 5


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