Pizzeria 1926 Edinburgh Entrance

Pizzeria 1926 Review – Dalry, Edinburgh


Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza (or ten)? 🍕

As pizza lovers, we opted to spend our latest date-night at Pizzeria 1926, located on Dalry Road in Edinburgh. Rated 4.6 stars on Google, I’ve been hearing great things about this place for years. So with that said – let’s get into it!

Freshly Made Italian Pizzas

Pizzeria 1926 is known for its fresh and authentic Italian style pizzas. Founded by an Italian family from Naples, they know their stuff. The Pizzeria 1926 website states:

“All the ingredients used at Pizzeria 1926 are fresh and simple. The very best varieties of tomatoes, burrata, mozzarella, sausage, flour and olive oil are imported from Italy, whilst meat, seafood and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible.”

The inside of the restaurant is small but cozy, emblazoned with Napoli Football Club memorabilia, and decorated in their team colours, blue and white. The name of the restaurant even comes from the year the football club was founded, 1926.

As a Scots girl and Bengali guy, we found the menu a little difficult to navigate – with Italian titles and no pictures, it was hard to grasp what each pizza was. We decided on the A’ Caprese and Ko’ Pesto.

The A’ Caprese description was as follows: Cream of Vesuvian Piennolo tomatoes, garlic, basil, and burrata. It came uniquely presented, with a tasty ball of burrata in the middle! After spreading the burrata around the pizza, it was definitely creamy, which was a nice contrast to the tanginess of the tomato.

The Ko’Pesto was delicious – Italian pesto is extremely flavourful, and it really shone through. Both pizzas were fresh, with soft stretchy dough, cooked within view of customers in a large pizza oven. Each priced at £10.95, we felt it was excellent value for money.

To wash our pizzas down, we had a nice cool drink of Cola and San Pellegrino Lemonade. Both came in glass bottles, which added to the authentic Italian vibe. Despite the restaurant being busy, service was fast and the staff were upbeat and friendly. We were surprised to receive our pizzas within roughly 10 minutes! Will definitely be back.


We rate Pizzeria 1926 – 4 Scottish unicorns out of 5: 🦄🦄🦄🦄


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